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Energy Audits, Design, Investment, Implementation, Maintenance, Training, Measurement & Verification

ESCOIRAN Foundation

Iran Association of Energy Service Companies was established in 2012 in order to and with the aim of management and efficient development of energy services in the country by creating a link between:
  • The necessity to develop energy services in the country
  • The vast scope of activity in different consumption sectors (construction, industry, agriculture, transportation, etc.
  • Existence of legal infrastructures (rules & regulations and various standards)
  • Vast market
  • And establishing effective relations between the government and the private sector
Nature of the Association
 An independent national, professional, employer and guild systemin which the members are companies and activists in the field of energy services.

Mission & Vision


  • A national & professional entity
  • Symbol of knowledge and organized effort in development of science and culture of energy management
  • A key attributor for promotion of energy related welfare (reduction of consumption and negative environmental effects in the country)
  • Supporter of members’ progress & success


1-  Aid to members’ excellence, convergence and synergy between members, and provision of support for development of energy services’ business environment

2-  Promoting the culture and knowledge of the society and to render energy related services to clients, protection of the environment for enhancing the quality of life

3- Intellectual development of expert members and activists of the professional and scientific society of energy management in Iran

4- Cooperation with governmental systems in the field of energy management and representation of members’ interests to the public sector

5- National authority of professional energy services in relation with organizations and certified national, regional and international centers


1-   Promoting the role and status of the association

2-   Promoting collaboration with government agencies, policy making committees and public entities

3-   Empowering and developing members’ activities

4- Promotion of culture and public awareness, and protection of energy resources

Professional Sectors/ Members’ Field

1- Energy services 

2- Training and information dissemination on energy consumption management

3- Energy consulting engineers

4- Energy studies and research

5- Economics, investment and energy insurance

6- Inspection, audit, measurement and verification of energy consumption

7- Environmental issues of energy

8- Management and use of information technology in energy consumption

9- Building automation & BMS

10- Production & supply of energy consumption equipment

11- Maintenance & repair of energy consumption equipment

12- New energies and alternative fuels

Board of Directors


Gholamali Najafi, Rahshahr International Group

Vice Chairman
Saied Mohazabtorabi, CEO, Ghods Niroo Engineering Company

Ali Mohammad Mirshams, CEO, Asiawatt Company

Mostafa Khosroshahi, CEO, Rardha Co.

ESCOIRAN Board of Directors

  • Gholamali Najafi, Rahshahr International Group
  • Saied Mohazabtorabi, CEO, Ghods Niroo Engineering Company
  • Ali Mohammad Mirshams, CEO, Asiawatt Company
  • Mostafa Khosroshahi, CEO, Rardha Co.
  • Tooraj Bathai, CEO, Pishrun Energy
  • Mostafa Safari, Behineh Sazan Sanat Tasisat
  • Davod Safaie, CEO, Behroshd Co.

Building of Association, Road, Housing & Urban Development Research Center, Sheikh Fazlollah Noori Exp., Tehran, IRAN. 

TEL: +98 (21) 88272118

FAX: +98 (21) 89775572

Zip Code: 1463917151

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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